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Taking Medication?

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Amazing invention, strong robust & very easy to use with my one arm/hand & is already a great help as I have been getting very frustrated at trying to pop open my tablet packs where the weakness in my hand makes it even more difficult. The Poppitt is so easy to use & thank god. I love anything that makes me a disabled person make life as easy and pain free as possible & this the poppitt is just one of those things. great product, many thanks again. Tony

The Personal Poppitt aids the removal of tablets and capsules from blister packaging.

Very simple to use

Enables tablets to be taken without touching them by hand

Specifically designed for use domestic use at home
Although available separately.

Save £1.00 by purchasing a Pack.

Pack contains: One Poppitt Personal (colour of choice)
&  a set of 4 drawers with coloured lids

Price includes VAT

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Set of 4 drawers and Lids

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Use to store tablets or capsules for different types or times of the day

Breakfast / Lunch / Tea / Evening   (for example)

or by type or name.


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