About Us

The Poppitt Company Ltd commenced trading in 2001. This followed a period of 3 years of development of the Professional Poppitt device by Michael Reynolds with the assistance of X-at the University of Exeter.

Michael Reynolds, the original director, is a pharmacist.  He perceived the need and designed the original concept.

This device is now used in over 4000 pharmacies to assist with the preparation of  monitored dosage systems used in Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

The Company has also developed a fully automated de-blistering prototype and is
currently in the process of designing the final machine.  It is designed to be utilised within very large specialised European pharmacies.

Over the years, the company has been receiving many requests from the public for a inexpensive popping device.

The Personal Poppitt was therefore developed by the directors of The Poppitt Company to meet this perceived demand.  One of directors also owns and runs his own plastic injection company.

Both the Professional and the Personal Poppitt are manufactured by the Poppitt Company in the United Kingdom.

It is not only the elderly that experience difficulty in removing tablets and capsules from blister packaging.  Many others are also less dexterous and require simple assistance.